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Wenterman continue to serve as Wizards coach was Wal-behind left behind the capital

According to the official website of the NBA (microblogging) and Washington, local media reports, led results are not good, but Washington's acting head coach Randy - temperature Terman or get recognized by the team's management, the team announced today temperature Terman will be next season to coach the Wizards. 18 wins, 31 losses, this record has been to ensure that temperature Terman to keep his team coach position. Temperature Terman took over in January of this year the team coach Phillip - Sanders, agent coach of the team. Prior to this, the Wizards record only a dismal 2 wins and 15 losses, nike dunk high black shoes, it also allows the Wizards management to the final decision to dismiss them for many years but the effect is modest Sanders, change Undeman as the team temporarily Temporary coach duties. Beginning in 2009, Undeman has been Sanders' chief assistant coach, after he took over the team did not make the team's record improved significantly. Still the ultimate Wizards 20 wins and 46 losses record ending, however, worth mentioning that, nike dunk high shoes for sale, Sanders all win in the last six games this season to coach the Wizards, and they have won 8 of last 10 games field. Which is very encouraging to the morale of the performance of the team. Compared to Sanders, the temperature Terman pay more attention to the exchanges and contacts between the young players, this is his year to become one of the reasons of the chief Wizards assistant coach. The end of the season, including 2010 draft pick John - Wall almost all of the Wizards players have expressed their attitude temperature Terman, they all want the team management can make the temperature the Terman continue to coach Wizards Final Wizards management to meet the aspirations of the young players. Of course, nike dunk high shoes release date, this news does not surprise, because the Wizards had absolutely no move on the to select a new coach. Temperature Terman under very difficult circumstances to take over coaching the team, and gradually make the team better, for altruism to continue cooperation in this matter, we all feel very honored. "Wizards president Yi Erni - grid Lunfeierde in a statement issued today, the team said.As a coach, temperature Terman coaching record is very mediocre, he has previously coached the Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves, the total coaching record of 118 wins and 238 losses only. Wizards now, however, the temperature Terman is probably the most cost-effective choice.

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